Happy Valentine’s Day!

Flowers and jewels are lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day means it’s time for us to break out our pretty heart-shaped trinket box!
(From (Iri)epsi many years ago, before she moved to a different town and long before I was even born!)

Look at all this fancy patterning on the side!

I’ve never seen such a pretty box before!

So many pretty roses on top of the lid!

I wonder what could be inside such a pretty box?

This clasp is hard to open when you’re a baby tortoise!

Sparkly jewels!

My brain is telling me green = noms, but my nose is telling me not noms…

Such fancy golden filigree!

As pretty as this box and its jewels are…

…but sometimes the best gift of all is yourself, straight from your heart!

A heart full of Kirby!
(I almost fit inside…)

Me, stuck? Totally not.

Our Valentine’s Day present to all of you…

…is me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year, Kirby got hand-delivered Valentine’s goodies from Mango (and Waffles and Torty)!

Valentine’s goodies delivered by Brunhilda all the way from Mango!

The most perfect Valentine’s Day card!

Plus a box of dino-approved chocolates! (Which Mommy promptly ate. Sheesh, Mommy, those were for me!)

Mango may be far away, but Mango is still the sweetest tortie ever!

Pretty red heart stickers that look just like noms!


Our valentines for Waffles, Mango, and Torty are on their way for hand delivery in a few days with lots of love and tortie kisses!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Sending shell hugs to all!


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