Winter Is Here

Who will win the Iron Throne this time?

The war continues…

I didn’t have time to write this post last weekend, before the Season 7 premiere, but this post is still more on time than Book 6!

Will the Starks take the side of the Targaryens?

It’s been a long time since I’ve learned any new origami patterns or made any origami at all. These two were so much fun to make! I learned through Jo Nakashima’s YouTube videos. YouTube videos are the best thing ever when it comes to origami! There is absolutely no way I would have understood many of the steps in these two patterns without being able to see how the folds actually worked. Jo Nakashima’s videos are fabulous!

Origami Wolf

Dire are the fates of those who stand against this wolf.

Pattern: By Jo Nakashima and Camila Zeymer, video instructions here
Paper: Regular printing paper, 4.25″ square

The wolf turned out to be much more lifelike than I had expected. There aren’t many folds, and with the folds alone, the wolf looks somewhat stylized but still like a wolf. The magic is in the genius shaping instructions. The instructions recommend wet folding, which I skipped because I was in a rush. So my shaping is quite sloppy, but even so, I am amazed at what some carefully placed shaping can do!

Howling to the skies for all eternity.

The shaping really makes the wolf come alive! You can almost see the muscles flexing on those flanks! My favorite shaping, though, is on the head: With just two simple shaping creases, the head went from flat to 3D, with a snout and laid back ears!

Beauty in creases.

My only complaint with this pattern is I wish it included shaping instructions for the tail or some other way to make it more 3D. Next to the rest of the wolf, the tail stands out as the one part that is completely flat.

Fun fact: The original version of the first wolf photo above actually includes the dragon sticking its tongue out at the wolf:


Origami Dragon

Fire not included.

Pattern: By Jo Nakashima, video instructions here
Paper: Regular printing paper with red printed all over, slightly under 8.5″ square (the printer could not print all the way to the very edge of the paper)

I love that like the wolf, this dragon stands up on its own!

No assistance needed.

There are many more folds in this pattern than in the wolf pattern, but no shaping. It was pretty amazing watching the dragon emerge from folds that seemed bizarre but were actually quite clever!

Why yes,
I am quite clever, thank you very much.

On a side note, photographing these origami required fiddling with more camera settings than I expected. The wolf was particularly hard to photograph without washing out the details of the shaping, especially when next to the dragon.

No one can hold a candle to my brilliance!

My first try at this dragon pattern was with plain white printing paper. I had only two pieces of red paper, so given my history of failing halfway through complicated origami patterns, I wanted to make sure I could understand all the folds first.

First attempt was successful!

As you can see, the white dragon is slightly bigger than the red one. I didn’t want the white margins of the red paper showing, so the red dragon started from a slightly smaller square. The white dragon is rather sloppier, however, since it was meant to be just a test fold.

Sloppy is still fearsome when it comes to dragons!


As always, no crafting adventure is complete without inspection by one adorable tortoise!

Targaryen or Stark?

Kirby’s hat is none other than Lunchbox’s hat from this post three years ago. Can you believe this hat used to be bigger than Kirby?!

I am a big boy now!

This war is never going to end!

Kirby made his pick for the Iron Throne very clear:

…or did he?

And now for a confession…I actually do not watch the show! I have, however, read all of the books in the series so far, and I have been reading recaps of the show ever since the show went past the books. So I do still get excited about new episodes in the show!

As for why I don’t watch the show, there are a couple of reasons. I watched the first episode of the show literally one or two days after I had just finished reading the first book, so I was acutely aware of every aspect of the show that was “wrong” as compared to the books. Plus, I don’t have HBO, so I don’t actually have a way to watch the show! Now that it’s been years since I read the books, I probably would watch the show if I had HBO. I would like to watch Dany’s dragons!

Hurry up with Book 6, George R. R. Martin!


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