Facebook’ing It!

We made a Facebook page!

As always, we will keep posting photos of Kirby every day on Tumblr and Instagram, but now we will also be posting daily Kirby photos on Facebook! Especially exciting Kirby posts and detailed write-ups on my crafty endeavors will continue here as usual.

Continue reading for bonus outtakes because Kirby is too cute to ever stop at just one photo!

I am a pro at posing for the camera!

It is categorically impossible for me to not look adorable!

How about a side view, Mom?

Gotta show off my leggies, too!

Too much side eye?

This is my “please give me noms, I’m DYING OF HUNGER” face.

And this is my “MOM, I AM DONE IF THERE ARE NO TREATS” face.

Hungry Kirby = cranky Kirby!

Radicchio = happy Kirby!

EDIT: Now with a Google+ Auto Awesome gif!

‘Cause I automatically make everything awesome!


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