First Tortoise Playdate!

Kirby recently had his very first playdate with another tortoise: Henry the 17-year-old sulcata tortoise (@thenotortoisebig on Instagram)!

Henry is quite the shellebrity: Last spring, his humom Amanda posted an ad on Craigslist for someone to walk Henry in Central Park while she was at work. The Craigslist ad went viral! Henry was all over the media, even the NY Times!

We are big fans of Henry’s Instagram, so we reached out to Henry and set up what turned out to be the best playdate ever!

But first, before Kirby met Henry, Kirby was showered with cuddles and attention from Henry’s humom. Kirby lapped up that attention like a king, of course.

Kirby obviously tried to nom the super soft blanket…and Amanda’s jeans…but then the discovered all the delicious clover around us!

So much yummy clover!!

Once Kirby and Henry had both nommed quite a bit of clover, it was time for tortoise introductions! As you can see in the video, Kirby and Henry got off to a rough start when Henry accidentally stepped on Kirby. Henry was so busy nomming the clover that he didn’t even see Kirby! Kirby was so terrified that he hid completely in my shell and wouldn’t come back out for quite awhile. He also peed all over me!


After I cheered Kirby up with radicchio, we tried again. This went much better! Both Henry and Kirby had never seen another tortoise before, so they got a good look at each other.

Hi again, Henry!

No stepping on me this time, Henry!

Henry likes skritches, too!

Kirby even got piggyback rides!

Henry, you walk so much faster than I do!

We brought a carrot for Henry that Kirby could also share, but all Kirby wanted to nom was the asphalt!

(If you haven’t seen it yet, we posted a video on YouTube of Kirby’s love for nomming concrete:

Poor Henry didn’t know what to make of Kirby, especially when Kirby started trying to snuggle into Henry’s armpit!

Your armpit makes an awesome cave just the right size for me, Henry!

Hey! Henry, stop backing up!

Of course, Henry and Kirby were super popular with all the people walking by in the park. Kirby even had his very first encounter with law enforcement! He trundled away without a ticket. ;)

Last but not least, a comparison of Henry and Kirby’s carriers!

My carrier fits on the footrest of Henry’s stroller with plenty of room to spare!

Can you even see me in this picture with Henry?!

All in all, it was an exciting day for everyone! Don’t forget to watch the video at the beginning of this post to see Henry and Kirby in action!


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