Happy World Turtle Day: Another Tiny Striped Turtle!

It’s World Turtle Day! Time to shellebrate with our annual tortle tower!

The striped turtles tower up again!

Of course, no World Turtle Day celebration would be complete without the cutest of tortoises!

The cutest tower base!

Remember when I made purple and pink striped tiny striped turtles for friend Assaf P.’s daughters? Shortly thereafter, Assaf welcomed a new baby, so of course I made a new striped turtle for the newest member of his wonderful family!

Pattern: from Kristieskids (near the bottom of the page)
Hook size: F/5 (3.75 mm)

· Vanna’s Choice in Colonial Blue
· Lily Sugar’n Cream in Light Blue
Other materials:

· 6mm safety eyes
· Light blue sewing thread


As before, this turtle is made from the same pattern as my Princeton turtle, but like the purple and pink striped turtles, this one is also not inside out!

Several months after the purple and pink striped turtles went to their forever home, Assaf brought the pink striped turtle back to me—less an eye! Attaching a new safety eye was easy, but more concerning was the fact that the turtle had lost an eye in the first place. After all, safety eyes are called safety eyes because they’re supposed to be safe for kids, meaning they shouldn’t fall out! I knew both Assaf’s daughters loved their turtles so much that they would sleep with them and bring them to school, but surely kid-safe should be able to weather lots of loving!

I asked Assaf to let me check the purple striped turtle as well. The purple turtle had both eyes firmly intact and had also held its shape much better overall. I couldn’t tell if this was mainly due to the purple turtle being more gently loved, or if this was mainly due to the different yarns: The purple striped turtle was made entirely with my favorite 100% cotton yarn, Lily Sugar’n Cream, which is quite stiff (and thus perfect for amigurumi!). The pink striped turtle, on the other hand, was made entirely with a much softer, 100% acrylic yarn that was definitely stretchier and not as good at holding its shape.

In the end, I attached a new safety eye to the pink turtle, and made sure none of the eyes on either turtle would fall out by “tying” them in place with sewing thread: To do this, I wrapped sewing thread several times around the post of each (attached) safety eye, threaded the sewing thread through the yarn nearby, and repeated many, many times. Sewing thread is tough, and sewing thread wrapped that many times around should be pretty much impossible to break through normal wear and tear!

With this new blue turtle, I was extra worried about either of the eyes falling out, since this turtle went to a wee baby. So I made sure to crochet the head the using Lily Sugar’n Cream’s stiff cotton yarn, and I tied the eyes in with sewing thread for this turtle with a LOT of wraps around the eye posts!

These eyes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! (And hopefully ever!)

I asked Assaf to let me know if any of the eyes start coming loose or fall out again. Having one of the pink turtle’s eyes fall out has made me quite nervous about gifting amigurumi to small children going forward, but hopefully my sewing thread trick works and that never happens again!

As babyproofed as possible!

When I made the purple and pink striped turtles, Kirby could perch quite comfortably on their shells. Now, Kirby is so big that the amigurumi turtles are the ones balancing on his shell!

Kirby still has quite a ways to go before his head is bigger than the amigurumi turtles’ though. ;)

Happy World Turtle Day to all!


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