In Progress


Now to find weights to help him stand…no super strong magnets lying around the house this time!
Still to come: arms, hair, and a cape

Gosh darn it, the insignia is too small! D: But I spent HOURS on it, and taking it off would be extremely annoying (it is affixed quite securely), so I’m going to be lazy and let it be. Hopefully it will not look as small after I add the arms. :/

I sewed the yellow piece onto his torso and glued the red piece onto the yellow. The right side of the red piece half-tore later, but I managed to patch it up. I cut out the two pieces using the paper cutout (shown here after being somewhat mangled to cut out the felt). The S was cut out using a boxcutter blade.

Making the triangular shape involved quite a bit of work. Silly Superman, wearing his underwear outside his pants.


Jean Grey

Sorry about the delay, mltg!

More hair! With two shades now!

The beginnings of hair!

She needs weights for her feet, too. Maybe I should go buy a bunch of magnets.
Still to come: arms, a sash, and hair!

There will be a turtleneck! Emblem is cut out using my boxcutter blade (not so trusty this time), and is actually my second attempt.

Paper stencil cutout (I was lazy and cut that out using scissors) and my first attempted felt cutout. The first felt cutout was way too asymmetrical for me to comfortable with (although I tried to patch it up using bits like the one shown).

Drawing of emblem before I began cutting. (Terrible quality photo because I was lazy and took it using my phone.)

This will be a realistic ami. ;)