Teacup Piglet

Happy National Pig Day with Pailinx the teacup piglet! 🐷

Oink oink!

This is in fact another very late post: I made Pailinx way back in October 2015! I am really behind on posts…

Luckily, cuteness has no expiration date!

Picture-perfect piglet posing! →



Kirby is in a Google commercial!! Check him out at 0:14:

On top of that, Kirby made the news in England again!!

The Daily Mail also posted a cute edit of Kirby’s video on their Facebook videos page:

The video in the Google commercial and in the Daily Mail is of Kirby’s first strawberry, three years ago:

To top all of this off—I can’t believe I am saying this—this video is now up to over 1 MILLION VIEWS!? Kirby is a shellebrity!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Flowers and jewels are lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day means it’s time for us to break out our pretty heart-shaped trinket box!
(From (Iri)epsi many years ago, before she moved to a different town and long before I was even born!)

Valentine’s love baby tortoise-style! →

Happy New Year!

At last, Kirby has someone to share a drink with to celebrate New Year’s!

Celebrating 2016 with friend Brunhilda!

Lunchbox’s old top hat is a bit small for Brunhilda. In fact, even Kirby’s top hat is starting to get a little small on him! Maybe next year will be time for me to make new, less tiny top hats?

A whole bottle for me to share with friend Brunhilda!

Celebrating the new year baby tortoise style! →