Golden Tortoise Snitch

Happy Halloween, friends!

Shhhhh, the Golden Snitch is sleeping!

Actually, squeal as loudly as you like. The Golden Snitch loves attention. /spoiled

Kirby is about “the size of a large walnut,” aka the perfect size to be a life-size Golden Snitch!

Also just the right size to pose with Harry!

A ridiculous number of more (adorable!) photos and the pattern →

Happy Thanksgiving!

You eat this stuff, human?

I think I’ll pass and wait for the pumpkins. There are always pumpkins for Thanksgiving, right?

Did someone say pumpkins?

Harumph. I see your squishy pumpkin, Kirby, and I raise you a gigantic squash!

Lunchbox may have some problems with sharing his human. Good thing he doesn’t also have to share his tank with Kirby!

Happiness and food comas to all!