Golden Tortoise Snitch

Happy Halloween, friends!

Shhhhh, the Golden Snitch is sleeping!

Actually, squeal as loudly as you like. The Golden Snitch loves attention. /spoiled

Kirby is about “the size of a large walnut,” aka the perfect size to be a life-size Golden Snitch!

Also just the right size to pose with Harry!

A ridiculous number of more (adorable!) photos and the pattern →


Gryffindor Snowy Owl + Whitman Whale #2

Hagrid’s birthday present for Harry Potter’s 11th birthday, to help Harry start at Hogwarts, was Hedwig. Since Liz is pretty much going to Hogwarts (but presumably without the vanishing staircases and headless ghosts) and her birthday just happened, my going-to-the-land-of-Tolkien-Harry-Potter-and-Jane-Austen/belated birthday present is a snowy owl for company. This owl won’t be delivering any mail, but she also won’t be bringing back dead mice. Plus, she has a nice thick Gryffindor scarf to keep her cozy on those cold winter nights. :)

And for good measure, a Whitmaniac for some Orange Bubble company. :)

Details and much yarnie posing for the camera →