Happy New Year!

🎉🎩🐢 Happy 2018, friends! 🥂🍾✨🎊

Brunhilda and Kirby rang in 2018 with a special endive “cocktail” that was a lot harder to nom than expected…

This year, instead of me spending hours including all of Kirby’s holiday photos in a super long and late post, click here for Kirby’s New Year’s photos! Even better than uploading all those photos here, those links include captions for every photo (click on the photos on desktop to see the individual captions).

Plus, a belated Merry Christmas to all! Kirby got his very own Kirby-sized tree this year, complete with flashing lights…

Bonus Christmas NOPE from your favorite GRUMPface:

Click here for Kirby’s many Christmas photos!

Here’s to a nom-ful 2018! 😋❤️🐢


Belated Holiday Photos!

Life has been so crazy that we are only just getting time to post all our holiday photos here! Better late than never?

A belated happy 2017!

A belated happy 2017!

A belated Happy Holidays to all!

A belated Happy Holidays to all!

Last but not least, a belated merry Christmas from the cutest little Santa!

Last but not least, a belated Merry Christmas from the cutest little Santa!

Festive cute overload right this way! →

Happy New Year!

At last, Kirby has someone to share a drink with to celebrate New Year’s!

Celebrating 2016 with friend Brunhilda!

Lunchbox’s old top hat is a bit small for Brunhilda. In fact, even Kirby’s top hat is starting to get a little small on him! Maybe next year will be time for me to make new, less tiny top hats?

A whole bottle for me to share with friend Brunhilda!

Celebrating the new year baby tortoise style! →

Happy New Year!

Lunchbox and Kirby got homemade top hats to celebrate! Lunchbox predictably refused to wear his, but Kirby didn’t protest at all.

“Lunchbox, I got a fancy glass of water just for you!”

“Lunchbox ran away…I guess I’ll drink this fancy water myself–unless you’d care to join me?”

More photos of dapper Kirby! →