Happy Thanksgiving!

You eat this stuff, human?

I think I’ll pass and wait for the pumpkins. There are always pumpkins for Thanksgiving, right?

Did someone say pumpkins?

Harumph. I see your squishy pumpkin, Kirby, and I raise you a gigantic squash!

Lunchbox may have some problems with sharing his human. Good thing he doesn’t also have to share his tank with Kirby!

Happiness and food comas to all!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember those spiffy gourds I got for Lunchbox to eat?

Human, I do NOT like heights!

This white stuff is so much more interesting than the squash. Even more interesting than the food pellet I am sitting on!

The gourds are rather old by this point. Fresh food is in order!

SEVEN different kinds of greens all at once?! Now this is what I call a feast!

Happiness and food comas to all!